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Omnia Projects Expands Presence with a New Office in Stafford

Omnia Projects Expands Presence with a New Office in Stafford image

In a significant move underscoring its growth trajectory and commitment to harnessing regional talent, Omnia Projects has announced the opening of a new office in Stafford. With existing bases in the North East of England, this expansion into Staffordshire not only showcases Omnia’s broader footprint but also its strategic intent to position itself at the nexus of industry talent and innovation.

A standout feature of the new Stafford office is its design to accommodate hybrid working models, reflecting the changing dynamics of the modern workspace. Omnia understands the importance of work-life balance, and with this new office, staff will have the flexibility to work remotely or come together in a collaborative environment, enhancing team synergy and productivity.

“This new office in Stafford is more than just geographical expansion for Omnia. It represents our forward-thinking approach to business, our dedication to nurturing and harnessing local talent, and our commitment to providing hybrid working spaces that work for our staff. We’re ensuring that Omnia remains not just relevant but a frontrunner in our industry.”

Rob Martin
Director of Engineering & Consultancy

This latest development certainly places Omnia Projects at the forefront of the electricity transmission & distribution industry, reinforcing its reputation as a forward-thinking and evolving entity.

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