Engineering and Design Management

Power system projects require engineers from a range of disciplines, and in many cases also require knowledge of client specific specifications and standards. Furthermore, on many projects discipline specific resources may only be required on an intermittent basis or clients may not wish to develop design capability in-house.

At Omnia Projects, we can provide additional resources to embed within the client’s team, or provide a fully managed design management service to provide a complete design service and provide the following design management services:

  • Production of a project specific Design Management Plan (DMP) and ensuring that the design management processes are adhered to.
  • Managing of the technical query (TQ) register to ensure that TQ’s are closed in a timely manner.
  • Protection & Control design
  • Ensuring design is conducted in accordance with client specifications and applicable standards.
  • Management of the design programme and reporting on design progress.
  • Management of the technical deviation process and maintaining a register of technical deviations.
  • Chairing design review meetings including ensuring HAZID and HAZOP reviews and undertaken.
  • Management of change control
  • Management of the as-built process.
  • The range of services that we can provide includes:
  • Design Managers and Coordinators
  • Design Change Controllers
  • Protection & Control design
  • Primary Plant design
  • Overhead Line design
  • Civil Design
  • High Voltage Cable Design

For all disciplines we can provide TP141 Design Assurance and TP137 Contractors Design Approval Engineers (CDAE) for National Grid projects.

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